Who is City Life Church?

We have one central message at City Life: heaven now…Heaven forever!  We believe that when we devote our lives to Jesus Christ, He doesn’t just promise us life after death but also a life on this earth full of meaning, purpose, and significance.  And we have found that three words lead us into that life…encounter, embrace, and engage!

ENCOUNTER.  All throughout Scripture we find that people’s lives become more meaningful, purposeful, and significant when they have an encounter with the presence of our living, loving Heavenly Father.  And we believe encounters like this are supposed to be often and recurring!  Our weekend worship services are great place to experience this.  The entire service is designed to awaken you to the living, loving presence of your Heavenly Father.  And our hope is that by being awakened to Him during a Saturday worship service, you begin to learn how to be awakened to Him every other day of the week.  He is ever present…the question is are we learning how to be mindful of Him?

EMBRACE.  When you think of the church Jesus envisions, what do you see?  I see a church that is wonderfully diverse!  God’s family in Heaven is going to be filled with people who look differently than you, who had different passions than you, who had different assignments from God while here on earth, and who even voted differently than you in their earthly lives.  City Life is a place that celebrates the passions of others.  Instead of being offended by someone else’s passion, take all that emotional energy and find the passion God has for you!  A confident pluralism is also vital as embrace one another.  We make room for competing ideas and beliefs as long as those ideas and beliefs are within the truth of Scripture.  Instead of being bothered by someone else point of view, try bringing your point of view to the marketplace of ideas.  You might just find that your perspective was needed!  And as we celebrate one another, finding confidence in our views without condemning others…we are ready to collaborate together to serve Jesus together!  And when we serve Jesus together, guess what happens to our sense of meaning, purpose, and significance!

ENGAGE.  To build the church Jesus envisioned, to love the world He died to save…that’s our mission here at City Life.  And the more we Encounter Him AND Embrace one another AND Engage in His mission…the more we find meaning, purpose, and significance in this life!  God made you for a special purpose, a divine calling.  And did you know that special purpose and divine calling starts with building the character of Jesus in you?  Do you have work to do, sure!  Do you have a role to play in a local church somewhere, most certainly!  Is there a ministry in this world God destined you to do, absolutely!  But it all starts with you and I becoming more like Christ.  Our work, role, ministry (and all the other words we use to describe being productive in a local church) need us to become like Jesus while we are building for Jesus.

This is who we are at City Life.  A community of people who are devoted to Jesus, confident in our message, unapologetic in our moment, and courageous in our mission.  If you are looking for authentic relationships with people who you can trust to walk with you in your healing, challenge you in closing your truth and values gap, and encourage you in your destiny and calling…then welcome to City Life Church!

Pastors Fred and Vannessa

What Others Are Saying

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    This church is so welcoming, and honest, it is a place to grow a family spiritually and love others walking alongside you. Childcare is top notch, background checks on all kid staff, come check out a Saturday night church if you haven't yet, it's a great experience.
    Allen Smith
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    If you're looking for community and want to work on your relationship with God and work on your growth in your personal life. This is the best place to be 😁🙌🏽 love it here.
    Alyssa Alvarez
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    LOVE my church!!!!!!! You pretty much instantly feel connected to the beautiful and vibrant community, the teaching is seriously always incredible, the powerful Worship ushers you into God’s presence... And having a Saturday service lets your Sundays be completely open! Church on Saturdays is the BEST !!! Can’t say enough good things about my church!
    Anna Moore
  • 5
    Excellent church with a message at every service which really speaks to your soul. Highly recommended, just come as you are.
    Brian Merry