Who is City Life Church?

We have one central message at City Life: heaven now…Heaven forever!  We believe that when we devote our lives to Jesus Christ, He doesn’t just promise us life after death but also a life on this earth full of meaning, purpose, and significance.  So when you think about your life, what do you see?  When God thinks about your life, what does He see?  City Life is a place where people are finding authentic relationships to reflect on questions like this and to discover a life full of meaning, purpose, and significance.

And this journey of relationships and reflection leads to three discoveries:  there is always deeper healing awaiting us, Biblical truth confronting us, and a God ordained destiny calling us.  In all our years of ministry together, we have found that these three things are the biggest impediments to people experiencing a heaven now life.

First, we all have a past that wounds.  Every person has disappointments, regrets, failures, and sometimes trauma.  God can use those hurts to help us reach others, especially when those memories of hurts become memories of healing.  Second, every person is wrestling with the Bible.  There is a gap between what we believe to be true and how we are actually living our lives.  Too often people settle for a gap when aligning our lives with truth and values is within our reach!  Third, God created each of us for a destiny, for a purpose.  God has a dream for each of our lives.  Don’t settle for a mediocre life because you are afraid of failure or believe that God only cares about certain people.  You matter to Him!

This is who we are at City Life.  A community of people who are devoted to Jesus, confident in our message, unapologetic in our moment, and courageous in our mission.  If you are looking for authentic relationships with people who you can trust to walk with you in your healing, challenge you in closing your truth and values gap, and encourage you in your destiny and calling…then welcome to City Life Church!

Pastors Fred and Vannessa

What Others Are Saying

  • 5
    I love this church! My kids love it and have so many sweet friends there, AND it's amazing that it's on Saturday nights. Great worship and really relevant messages. The people we met quickly became like family. Can't say enough good things about City Life!
    Kaytlin Stelman
  • 5
    This church is so welcoming, and honest, it is a place to grow a family spiritually and love others walking alongside you. Childcare is top notch, background checks on all kid staff, come check out a Saturday night church if you haven't yet, it's a great experience.
    Allen Smith
  • 5
    If you're looking for community and want to work on your relationship with God and work on your growth in your personal life. This is the best place to be 😁🙌🏽 love it here.
    Alyssa Alvarez
  • 5
    LOVE my church!!!!!!! You pretty much instantly feel connected to the beautiful and vibrant community, the teaching is seriously always incredible, the powerful Worship ushers you into God’s presence... And having a Saturday service lets your Sundays be completely open! Church on Saturdays is the BEST !!! Can’t say enough good things about my church!
    Anna Moore
  • 5
    Excellent church with a message at every service which really speaks to your soul. Highly recommended, just come as you are.
    Brian Merry
  • 5
    There is no judgment here! Everyone here welcomes you in with open arms. I’d been out of touch with God for more than a decade and this new family I found at City Life reintroduced me to him. My family and I have never been stronger! So happy we found this church!!!
    Brian Vogel